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I love spiky allium heads. After having done some ‘long shots’ on a couple of the sections in my bluework bowl, I decided that I wanted the next section to be a closer view and I chose an allium head for that.

First, the main stem in herringbone stitch and the stems which carry the flower heads radiating from a central point.


Then a solid couple of hours stitching through a committee meeting got the six petalled individual florets in lazy daisy stitch added.


I used the same variegated silk to outline the stem in split stitch and then built up adjoining rows of split stitch to form the leaf.


As all the other sections are in Victorian china style blue and white, I wanted to introduce other shades of blue, but I’m not entirely convinced now…

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I knew it was a while since I started this piece, but was stunned to check back through my archive and find it was 2012! We were doing a redwork workshop at Embroiderers’ Guild, stitching cups, plates, teapots etc. in various stitches with red threads. I’m not the biggest fan of red, so don’t have a lot of red threads and also, crockery to me always means blue and white, so I went off piste a bit and started to stitch this bowl.

More bluework 2

It’s a big piece for me and shortly after I took this photo, something else became more pressing and it lapsed. As the huge french knot piece is currently still in abeyance, I wanted something slightly more long term to stitch and the bluework fitted the bill. I’ve not done an awful lot more, but I have finished the leaves on the ribbon rose section, which are two lazy daisy stitches nested inside each other.


I even managed to find a close match for the thread – there was no chance that after 4+ years I was going to remember what I’d originally used!!

My plan was that each section of the bowl would be filled with a different flower design, using different techniques and styles, so several happy hours have been spent on Pinterest gathering inspiration and I’m looking forward to getting going with it again.

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I’ve also been working a bit more on my not very red ‘redwork’ piece that I started round about here.

Last time I left it at this point:

And now it looks like this:

And closer…

I’m adding the cherry blossom slowly, mainly because all those french knots gets a bit wearing after a while.

And while looking for something else (as is always the way…) I found a selection of silk ribbons in the most perfect shades of blue for creating a riot of damask roses.

Stem stitch stems, ribbon french knot buds with lazy daisy stitch sepals and two lazy daisy stitches, one inside the other, to form the leaves.

It’s a lovely pick it up and put it down project to keep going in between other things.

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The branches are now fully fleshed out and the french knot blossoms are starting to bloom.

The flowers are clusters of five french knots in cream stranded silk with a blue double french knot in the centre.

I’m pleased with the way it’s developing.

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Our last Embroiderers’ Guild meeting was an in-house session on redwork. There were lots of great ideas and worked examples for inspiration and I was rather taken with a redwork project from Stitch magazine which consisted of freely drawn cups, mugs, coffee and teapots.

I chose a sugar bowl shape and was just drawing it on my linen when it occured to me that it was rather like a Chinese porcelain bowl. If Chinese, then it had to be blue and white, hence bluework, rather than redwork!

The bowl is outlined in chain stitch in one strand of fine hand-dyed blue silk thread.

As ever, I like to work in small sections, so I gridded up the bowl with the idea that each section would be worked with a different pattern. Top left is lazy daisy flowers.

With french knot centres in stranded cream silk.

Then in one of the bigger sections, branches, formed from layers of stem stitch.

These will carry cherry blossom in cream french knots.

And this is my 100th post!

100 posts in almost a year and the first anniversary of my blog is coming up on the 2nd of May. Thank you to everyone who comes to visit and watch out for my first giveaway coming up to celebrate the event.


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