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At the weekend we took a family trip up to North Yorkshire to visit stunning Rievaulx Abbey, one of my favourite places…

…and we decided to visit Nunnington Hall as it was on the way. We’d never been before but it was a delight. Such an intimate house – I could really imagine living there – and a lovely garden with formal areas, a fabulous orchard and a working kitchen garden.

I find the patterns of wrought iron work fascinating, especially in conjunction with the landscape behind them or shadows, even if little feet didn’t quite get out of the shot!

Indoors, there were some fabulous textiles in the bedrooms. First this wonderful whole cloth quilted bedcover.

It helped that there was strong sun coming through a low window and it threw the quilting into relief. I love the complexity of the geometric patterns.

In another bedroom there were some huge wall hangings (about a metre wide and a couple of metres high) in crewel work.

Apologies for these interior photos but low light levels, no flash and a phone camera don’t make for top quality pictures!

There were also two similar sized hangings either side of the bed in the same room with crewel type designs but worked in a range of embroidery stitches and embroidery thread rather than wool.

Wonderful range of stitches. I suspect the hangings were stitched by the women of the house but I’ve never seen anything quite so large.

I love the bright scarlet spots of the cherries against the old stone wall.

The girls were delighted to find that it was a Medieval Pastimes day at Rievaulx and when that palled, rolling down steep grassy banks never fails to amuse, even when you’re a lordly 13 years old…

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