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…has become this:

Lazy daisy flowers in hand dyed stranded silk with variegated metallic Madeira thread french knot centres.

French knot clusters in stranded silk and the metallic Madeira.

A flower swag with woven spiders webs, french knot buds, stem stitch stems and scattered lazy daisy stitches for the leaves all in stranded silk.

A goldtone dragonfly charm with running stitch in metallic Madeira.

Nothing too challenging, experimental or different, but sometimes it’s nice just to trot out the old favourites and not have to think too hard.

Just a reminder that the first anniversary of my blog is on the 2nd of May (Wednesday) and I will be having a giveaway to celebrate.

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I was wondering what to work on next and it was after having seen the second project at the bottom of this post from Helen Cowans that I remembered I had an unfinished piece based on the Northumberland coast between Seahouses and Bamburgh.

I started it in August 2004, on holiday in Seahouses. A sort of forerunner to my Cornish Holiday Journal. But summer 2004 came with a bit of a bombshell as three days into the holiday I discovered that I was unexpectedly pregnant with my youngest daughter.

All the vivid emotions of that time are caught up in the stitching as I struggled to get my head round being pregnant again with two older, independent children, wondering if we could do, it, if we should do it, what effect it was going to have on my health etc.

I stitched it on and off through another rough pregnancy, through two months of potential miscarriage scares and finally put it away shortly after the birth. I’ve worked on it sporadically since, but even though the result of that upheaval is a fabulously bright, sparky, loving bundle of dynamite that I wouldn’t be without for the world…

…the cloth still holds some difficult memories.

But it’s not far off being finished. In fact the only thing I realised I really I needed to do when I got it out was to embroider a line of footprints just below the high tide line and then add the surf. Stitch some good memories into it.

This is how it stands now, with the addition of some footprints which I started during the New Year.

From the bottom: back stitch on a scrap of satin from the dress my bridesmaid had for my wedding, feather stitch on coarse cotton, massed french knot clusters on denim and whipped running stitch on some permanently crinkled dress fabric (you might recognise it from the Cornish Journal!).

Seeding, woven spiders’ webs and back-stitched spiders’ webs in hand-dyed coton a broder on calico dyed with the same dye. Coral stitch in various vintage threads on coarse cotton.

Three weights and colours of silk with back stitch linking two.

More later – I’m feeling more positive about it already.

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The children love what I’ve done so far. Invariably they want to touch it!

Not added much.

A cluster of silver grey bullion knots…

…a tiny woven spiders’ web nestled in a cloud of french knots…

…a line of silver chain stitch keeping the french knots contained…

… french knots like tight curls.

The children find it intriguing and inspiring. They ask me to teach them the stitches they like best.

One of our more challenging Y6s was intrigued by the bullion knots. I showed him twice. He then did a third which was almost indistinguishable from mine.

I don’t know who was prouder.

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The art I planned for the Y5s and Y6s this term takes rocks and pebbles as a starting point for inspiration and the textile element is based on an embroidered pebbles idea I found on the Embroiderers’ Guild website.

You draw round the rock on a piece of calico and fill the shape with textured embroidery stitches.

I’m using a grisaille palette, partly to be more rock-like but also partly because I do enjoy working with shades of grey.

French knots, woven and back-stitched spiders’ webs and closely packed lines of chain stitch. Mostly in silk threads.

Couched thread and perle cotton bullion knots in the foreground.

The chain stitched spiral is worked in a variegated silk thread.

This is my prototype piece to show the children. I’m really enjoying playing with textures and tones.

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