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A trip to Suffolk would not be complete these days without a visit to Southwold Pier and a nice comb along the beach. As I’ve said before, the massive loss of coastline north of Southwold makes the beach a wonderful spot for sea glass and other bits and pieces. We went on my birthday (Christmas Eve) and although it was bitterly cold and the tide was coming in, I still managed a bit of a trawl through the shingle and came away happy with these little beauties.

Beachcombing Southwold 12.13 a

I can’t resist a nice ring pull and my husband spotted the wonderfully soft, fuzzy piece of pottery. But this was the prize, the bottom of a slender glass bottle.

Beachcombing Southwold 12.13 b

I’m sure, looking at the diameter and also that the glass rises straight from the base, that it’s old. It certainly looks like some bottles I have from Victorian dumps.  Southwold never disappoints!

On Boxing Day we took my youngest for a run on Gorleston beach. Gorleston is just south of Great Yarmouth and a real hidden gem. The beach is wide, flat and sandy with ridges of shingle and proved to be another excellent sea glass hunting ground!

Gorleston Beach sea glass 1

(I put the ring pull in to show sizes.) Some lovely little nuggets there and a couple of less weathered pieces including the bottle neck which I took off the beach for safety.  A lot of dogs and children use the beach so I wasn’t going to leave sharp glass around.

I particularly like the pale lime green and the aqua pieces.

Gorleston Beach sea glass 2

Now all I need is the time to do something with them!

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Definitely a lack of it. The Cornish holiday journal needs finshing.

Turquoise Cornish journal 16

The gold sea glass commission has stalled.

Gold sea glass 9

I’ve been trying vainly to get round all the blogs I follow, with very minimal success. Where I have been, I’ve seen so many inspirational things that I would love to be able to explore. I want to get back into my sketchbooks and do more of this:

Smocking sample


Onion dyed silk flower


Mixed media collage


Roving and seeding


Embroidered Japanese paper

and this:

Kantha on hand painted calico


In fact, I want that time to sit and create so much it hurts. Not spend most of my waking hours serving a job (primary school teacher) which thanks to the government and OFSTED, increasingly demands more and more of my life, like a monstrous cuckoo with an insatiable appetite.  I ought to be planning next week’s literacy at this moment. And reorganising my guided reading groups. And annotating my maths planning for this week. And doing the 90 minute online Safeguarding course I’ve been told asked to do (in my own time) for tomorrow. Certainly not blogging about it.

I know I’m not the only person out there juggling the demands of work with a busy family and somehow, in all that, trying to fulfil that deep, instinctive urge to be creative. So how do other people do it?

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