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And one finish.  I finally got round to making up my angelina and goldwork flower into a card.

Angelina goldwork card

I’ve also been finishing off a felt flower piece made with flowers cut from the left over felt I made for ‘Guards! Guards!’ last year…

Last felted flowers 1

…and some odd fused fabric leaves I made so long ago I can’t remember what I used them for…

Last felted flowers 2

…and making progress with the Elizabethan scissors case I started in an Embroiderers’ Guild workshop with Brenda Scarman several months ago.

At the end of the workshop I’d got as far as this:

Scissors case 1

Detached buttonhole stitch petals and chain stitch stems.

I finished the stems and as per the instructions, added trios of fly stitch between the petals and long straight stitches to define the petals. The french knots in the centre would be joined later by beads.

Scissors case 2

Beads added, the chain whipped with gold thread and buttonhole stitch in the same thread round the edge of the petals.

Scissors case 3

Scissors case 4

Then the spangles, which I attached with a central seed bead. I think they’re too densely packed but I don’t dislike the effect enough to unpick them all. I intend to make the seeding less dense by using just beads round the edge and making them more widely spaced.

Scissors case 5

Just the beading to finish before I can make it up.


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I finally finished sewing Errol’s wings on the morning of the get in and here he is in His dressing room.

He shares it under sufferance with the orang-utan and three other males, but knows that he is really the star.

The reception those mournful eyes have had every night has reinforced that!

We’ve had some very appreciative audiences and the show has given everyone involved the chance to shine, not just the actors.

So, last night tonight. In ten hours this will just be a pile of wood and memories.

But what a ride it’s been. 😮

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Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club Presents:

Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

at the Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire 17th-20th October 2012

The once proud Ankh-Morpork City Night Watch has been reduced to just three men. Cautious, cowardly Fred Colon, the desk sergeant who communicates with his wife through notes left on the kitchen table and weasely Nobby Nobbs, who carries documents to prove he is actually human are led by drunken, cynical Captain Vimes, whose ideals of upholding the law in the city he loves have been slowly crushed.

 Two new arrivals upset their comfortable rut. The first, an enthusiastic new recruit: Carrot Ironfoundersson, human by birth but dwarf by upbringing. The second, a large, angry, fire-breathing dragon…

 With the city in chaos, and only an orang-utan hunting for a stolen book and dragon-loving Lady Sybil to help, it falls to this sorry band of misfits to save the day.

 A fabulous and very funny adaptation by Stephen Briggs of the first book in Terry Pratchett’s well-loved ‘Guards’ series.

Director’s note: Guards! Guards!

 I’ve admired Terry Pratchett’s wickedly satirical and very funny writing for years and it was the opportunity to act in SLTC’s adaptation of ‘Carpe Jugulum’ which led to me joining the club in 2009. Somehow, three years later I’m directing ‘Guards! Guards!’, the first title in the ‘Guards’ series of books dealing with the members of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch.

 (Captain Vimes, Corporal ‘Nobby’ Nobbs, Lance-Constable Carrot and Sergeant Colon in ‘The Shades’)

‘Guards! Guards!’ is a comedy, but like all great comedy it has its roots in pathos. These are real flawed people: small-minded individuals with dreams of power they’re too inept and lazy to achieve; spivs with an eye to making money from any opportunity; men who drink because they know they can’t fight a crooked system; women who throw their energy into caring for animals because they believe love is never coming their way and the masses who blindly accept the latest fashion like sheep.

(Captain Vimes looks on in amazement while the crowd cheer the king.)

Harold and Albert Steptoe, Hancock, Hyacinth Bucket, Compo, Foggy, Clegg and Nora Batty, Del Boy and Rodney – they’d all fit in here.

 It may be comedy but there is an edge. Underneath the humour Pratchett is deadly serious, holding up a mirror to the iniquities of our own world as surely as satirists like Waugh and Defoe. He explores Edmund Burke’s observation: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” And like the Patrician, comes to the chilling conclusion that it’s true.

 (The Patrician.)

Fortunately, there are a few good men who are determined to do something. They may be dealing with dragons, stolen books of magic or orang-utan librarians, but their roots are in a world we recognise. A world where beef dripping on toast (with the little crunchy bits on top) is a meal fit for a king and the secret of a happy marriage is for one party to work days and the other nights.

Those of you who live locally, buy your tickets now – it’s going to be a real treat!

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Get-in: the day when all the set, props, costumes and other paraphenalia needed to create a stage show goes into the theatre.

Today is the get-in for ‘Guards! Guards!’ and I’m expecting to spend 12-14 hours at the theatre. So I thought I’d post some more images of our wonderful set before I go off and watch it appear on stage in its full glory.

Aged shutters and pantiles – stage left.

The Mended Drum sign – probably the most famous tavern in Ankh-Morpork.

My little helper undercoating the inside of the dungeon in grey. She worked for three hours in there, and loved it! The cut out at the back is where the Librarian rips the cell window out so Captain Vimes can leave.

Stage right peri: the ‘wallpaper’ (handpainted by one of our members onto a prepainted peri) in Lady Sybil Ramkin’s bedroom. She runs the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons and is a renowned dragon expert.

A closer look – incredible work! It would be a crime to break the sections up and paint over them for another show, as we do with all our set, so the plywood will be taken off and carefully cut up. The resulting dragons will be sold as souvenirs of the performance. 😮

Stage right – the windows start to take shape.

Stage left peri door side finished.

The dungeon doors. Centre stage.

Inside the dungeon.

A closer look.

Lady Ramkin’s hallway, stage left peri. Part way through adding the wooden panelling to the bottom.

Stage right deck completed. Diamond panes on the windows – constructing, drawing and then painting them on at the top of a stepladder was no fun. Aged woodwork and shingles on the roof. they were even worse. Top of the ladder and full stretch to get the top ones.

The Patrician’s office, stage left peri. On with the wood panelling at the bottom.

So if I’m not around much over the next week, you’ll know why.

Good luck everyone, your talent and commitment has been amazing.

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Meet Errol.

He’s a very important part of the story of  ‘Guards! Guards!’: written by Sir Terry Pratchett, adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs and about to go live at the Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe, performed by Scunthorpe Little Theatre Club and directed by me.

And this chap has been on my to do list ever since we cast the show back in June. He still needs his wings attaching but he’s going to star in the last full run at rehearsal tonight.

His understudy is sulking in his basket.

He’s partly a pattern off the internet, but mostly cobbled together by me. And I’m not a dressmaker/user of patterns, so a lot of it has been fear and trepidation and hoping for the best.

But I think he’ll do. He certainly looks the misfit he’s supposed to be.

And he loves cuddles.

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It’s landed…

The first preview of my deadline project.

It’s today’s uninterrupted (I hope) job.

More pictures to show of him later, hopefully.

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After another weeks worth of painting on and off by the decor team and the addition of more detail from the set builder, this is the current state of the set.

Stage Right. The triangular construction on the left is one of two peris, each of which revolve to provide a different setting option on each of its three sides. This side is part of the external streets of Ankh-Morpork setting. Still some base coating of odds and ends like the bright green bracket and detail work to do here.

Another more oblique view of the same area. I love the finial over the rather oddly coloured round arched window, the bargeboards and the ridge tiles, the huge faux cast iron hinges on the central door, the X-shaped wall brace…

Even though I spend 2-3 hours in front of this set three nights a week, I still get so much pleasure from the way the little details make it all come to life.

And Stage Left. More broken plaster and shutters over the bay window which now has infilling and a window sill.

Longer view with a better look at the central double doors (which hide the Patrician’s dungeon) and part of the other peri on the far right of the photo. It’s a bit dark but there’s actually a full size (fake) door built into that side.

Only four weeks to go until we’re in theatre and so much still to do – for everything!

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