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A trip to Suffolk would not be complete these days without a visit to Southwold Pier and a nice comb along the beach. As I’ve said before, the massive loss of coastline north of Southwold makes the beach a wonderful spot for sea glass and other bits and pieces. We went on my birthday (Christmas Eve) and although it was bitterly cold and the tide was coming in, I still managed a bit of a trawl through the shingle and came away happy with these little beauties.

Beachcombing Southwold 12.13 a

I can’t resist a nice ring pull and my husband spotted the wonderfully soft, fuzzy piece of pottery. But this was the prize, the bottom of a slender glass bottle.

Beachcombing Southwold 12.13 b

I’m sure, looking at the diameter and also that the glass rises straight from the base, that it’s old. It certainly looks like some bottles I have from Victorian dumps. ¬†Southwold never disappoints!

On Boxing Day we took my youngest for a run on Gorleston beach. Gorleston is just south of Great Yarmouth and a real hidden gem. The beach is wide, flat and sandy with ridges of shingle and proved to be another excellent sea glass hunting ground!

Gorleston Beach sea glass 1

(I put the ring pull in to show sizes.) Some lovely little nuggets there and a couple of less weathered pieces including the bottle neck which I took off the beach for safety. ¬†A lot of dogs and children use the beach so I wasn’t going to leave sharp glass around.

I particularly like the pale lime green and the aqua pieces.

Gorleston Beach sea glass 2

Now all I need is the time to do something with them!

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