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And the winners are…

… Emma from A Little Bit Of Everything was the first name out of my lovely Julia Land salt pig

and she is the winner of  ‘Along the Turquoise Path’.

Marie from Magic Moon Musings has won the ribbon roses piece and

Julie from Mixed Media was the third name I drew and will receive the selection of natural dyed fabrics and trimmings.

Many thanks to all of you who left such lovely and thoughtful comments. I appreciate them all and also the visits you all make to my blog.

Here’s to the next twelve months. 😮



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Happy First Anniversary to my blog!

I started it exactly a year ago, on May Bank Holiday Monday, and it’s become a far more useful, interesting and important part of my life than I could ever have guessed.

I get so much out of the blogging world that it’s impossible to know where to start listing all the delights and pleasures it gives me, but the biggest benefit is that it motivates me to keep sewing; to push through the times when I’d rather give up on a project because there’s now (rather to my amazement!) an audience for what I do.

So as a thank you to all the bloggers, lurkers and other visitors worldwide who end up here, I’m hosting my first ever give away with three things to be given away. In order to enter, just leave a comment. Anything will do – even Hi! – and I’m happy to post worldwide.

The first name to be drawn out will be sent my rusted piece  ‘Along The Turquoise Path’ which I blogged about here. It’s a piece of rusted calico embroidered with variegated metallic thread, embellished with rusted washers and graduated turquoise chips and mounted on a 7″  by 5″ canvas.

The second name drawn will get my final ribbon roses piece which I blogged about here. It’s laced over stout mount board and is a dainty 4.5″ by 3″ and doesn’t include the easel, I’m afraid.

The third name to be drawn will receive a taster selection of my naturally dyed fabrics and trims, including red cabbage, avocado and eucalyptus dyed fabric pieces.

Leave your comment before the 8th of May and the winners will be drawn by my small helper on the 9th.

Don’t forget to check back to see if you’ve been lucky!

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Our last Embroiderers’ Guild meeting was an in-house session on redwork. There were lots of great ideas and worked examples for inspiration and I was rather taken with a redwork project from Stitch magazine which consisted of freely drawn cups, mugs, coffee and teapots.

I chose a sugar bowl shape and was just drawing it on my linen when it occured to me that it was rather like a Chinese porcelain bowl. If Chinese, then it had to be blue and white, hence bluework, rather than redwork!

The bowl is outlined in chain stitch in one strand of fine hand-dyed blue silk thread.

As ever, I like to work in small sections, so I gridded up the bowl with the idea that each section would be worked with a different pattern. Top left is lazy daisy flowers.

With french knot centres in stranded cream silk.

Then in one of the bigger sections, branches, formed from layers of stem stitch.

These will carry cherry blossom in cream french knots.

And this is my 100th post!

100 posts in almost a year and the first anniversary of my blog is coming up on the 2nd of May. Thank you to everyone who comes to visit and watch out for my first giveaway coming up to celebrate the event.


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I won another giveaway!

And one I’ve been shamefully late blogging about, but I was very fortunate back in May to be one of the winners of a giveaway hosted by the very talented Heloise to celebrate the fourth anniversary of her blog.

This is the lovely parcel that arrived through the post.

I love the photo of the art card on the front – so much detail every time you look at it and my son was eager to run off and play the music to find out what it sounded like!

Inside, four beautiful photographic cards.

Apologies for the poor photography but I was fighting against the reflection from the cellophane cover.

Fabulous close-ups.

 I love the pollen dusting in this photo.

 And I adore old roses.

Thank you so much, Sue. I love it all. 😮

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