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Firstly, a quick update on the french knot marathon. It’s still trailing around with me and has gone from this:DSCN0222¬†to this:


I’m focussing on finishing the shaped bits at the top first, while also adding gradually all the way round.


Our last Embroiderers’ Guild meeting before Christmas was a lovely quiet laid back affair in the midst of the rush with wonderful food, courtesy of our Chair, Mary, and some steady stitching for name badges. We had some stamped calico to work from and I chose the rabbit/hare.


I used some slubby thread in dark grey for his outline, couched down with a variegated stranded cotton, and a thick stranded silk for his coat, couched down in spirals with my favourite variegated metallic Madeira thread. Where there is an area too small to be included in the spirals I’m going to add something like eyelets or perhaps a woven spider’s web.


Another piece on the go is an aside from our ‘Lush, Plush and Crush’ workshop with Josie Storey in the autumn. I cut a spiral from Bondaweb and stuck it to the velvet, added some gold markal stick and then some french knots for texture.



This is destined to provide the upcycled centre for an vintage brooch.


And there’s my “inspired by poetry” piece for the Travelling Book this month. Plenty to be going on with.

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This was a few weeks ago.

Onto the sides 1


Looking back at it I’m actually surprised at how much more I’ve done!


All the sea glass completely encircled by and embedded in the french knots.


Moving into the edges of the piece. These will be butted right up against the existing mahogany veneer.


Over half way!



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Sounds like something you might need to get some cream for…! However in this case it’s just an update on the embroidered veneer piece I’m working to restore the top of a Victorian mahogany writing box. Just before Autumn Term started it looked like this:

More encrustation 1

I’ve worked on it on and off around directing three nights a week and my eternally ‘interesting’ day job and I’m starting to feel like I’m finally getting somewhere with it!

More encrustation 2

As ‘Cheshire Cats’ is in theatre this week (with two small yet very appreciative audiences so far) my role is to sit back and quietly support. And of course, stitch.

More encrustation 3

Perfect for lowish light levels in the dressing rooms and working while I have half an ear on the show.

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