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I showed you this amazing book


in my last post. Without even opening it, it’s a thing of beauty, from those William Morris-esque willow leaves sprawling across the spine and cover to the black and gold DMC logo end papers. And so small, only 5 and a half inches high, 4 inches wide and an inch and a half thick so it sits snugly in the hand.

Rachel is right – I have so much I want to do that I don’t think I’ll get round to any of the projects any time soon, but it is just lovely to sit and browse through.


Although I am very tempted to try out this canvaswork Shell Stitch.


Knitting is covered…


…as is crochet…




…embroidery on netting…




…various types of lace…






…and so much more.

I’ve done some more finishing of small projects. Firstly the french knot encrusted blue velvet spiral brooch from the sample piece I started on the Lush, Plush and Crush workshop we did at the Guild with Josie Storey a few months back. From this:


to this:


I’ve also created a pair of silk strip wrapped and beaded hoop earrings using some lovely ombre dyed silk strips from Stef Francis and vintage seed beads and sequins over a pair of vintage plastic earrings.




Having fun!

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I finally decided what the waves needed to finish them off for inclusion in my Travelling Book. As usual it was very last minute but in terms of effectiveness and being exactly what I wanted, it was worth waiting for inspiration!


I chose fine white perle crochet cotton, two tiny steel Victorian crochet hooks (one of which belong to my great-grandmother) and a canvas needle to create the foaming white tops of the waves.

The top one is a line of slip stitch worked directly into the machine stitches (seriously tricky!) with a row of double crochet on top of that and then a layer of several trebles into each stitch to give the ruffle effect.

On the right I whipped each machine stitch, went back with a row of buttonhole stitch, returned with longer buttonholes and then put 5 or 6 more buttonholes into each loop.

Bottom left is a lacier affair with lengths of chain caught down with trebles.


The others are all minor variants of these in either crochet or buttonhole loops.


Then the piece was stretched over card and mounted into the book with an extract describing the waves which I love from Vaughan Williams’ Sea Symphony with words by Walt Whitman.

By this point I was working against the clock and instead of being able to tea dye the music I had to give it a quick wash of watercolour which was the wrong shade. :o(


But I at least made the deadline and I’m really excited that my book has gone off on another adventure!

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Crochet Snowflakes

I like to make at least some of my Christmas cards. I’ve accepted that as I work full time, making all of them is an ambition too far at the moment, but I usually hand craft some for special friends and our neighbours.

This year I decided to go for crocheted snowflakes. I found this lovely tutorial last year and although I’d bookmarked it I hadn’t got round to trying the snowflakes out – until now.

The smaller snowflake was my first attempt, in some very fine vintage thread and a tiny steel crochet hook that was my great-grandmother’s. It’s too small (about an inch across) for a card (and it’s lop-sided too) but I’m going to add it to my crazy Christmas patchwork piece, stitch into it a bit more and add beads.

I then scaled up to some cord-like Coats Mercer Crochet cotton with a 3.00 hook and produced the bigger size, which is about 2 and a half inches across.

The fabric behind them is some indigo dyed cotton from a job lot which I bought on ebay a while ago. I intend to use it for the background.

I used up some assorted window aperture cards and added ready made banner greetings.

 Very pleased with these and I hope the recipients will be too. 😮

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