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It’s reading for a new show time again and so I have managed to sit and stitch through a number of small finishes. Firstly, one of the designs Ruth produced for us at November’s Embroiderers’ Guild meeting, made up into a card.

The border is in feather stitch, the centre in a spiral of split stitch, the main oval parts of the petals in Corded Brussels stitch (needlelace) and the ends in satin stitch.


Then I decided to make up a little magazine kit I bought from eBay in 2009. Simple stem stitch and lazy daisy stitch for the wheel barrow and the flowers/leaves.


Then french knot middles to the flowers and my first ever attempt at a Dorset Button for the wheel.


I was fairly pleased with it until I put the kit picture next to it for comparison…


Obviously a technique I need to work on but it has made a nice little card.

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Thanks to last night’s committee meeting the blue stumpwork piece now looks like this:

More blue stumpwork1

I’ve closed the centre of the spiral trellis stitch. That was wonderful to work and I’ll definitely be doing it again!

More blue stumpwork 2

Then I added a couple of stylised leaves in corded Brussels stitch on a chain foundation.

More blue stumpwork 3

I want to add a 3D stem of buttonhole stitch worked over a pipecleaner or small stick or something similar and had nothing suitable with me so at this point, nearing the end of the meeting, I turned my attention to the Blackwell whitework.

Whitework leaf 1

Not a huge amount to show, but I’ve almost done half the padded satin stitch on another of the leaves.

Whitework leaf 2

I was almost sorry when the meeting ended promptly! In case you were wondering, I do contribute to these meetings – last night I gave three reports and chipped in on all discussions. It’s just that I find it easier to concentrate when my hands are doing something and I do get loads done!

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I know what textile art in the house is my own work, but when my youngest attributed a large machine embroidery hanging by the Cornish artist Karen Howse to me several months ago, I decided that if only for the family’s benefit I would try to sign and date my work.

For the North Cornwall Wallhanging I decided to make a traditional quilt label by adapting one of the designs from a Bareroots Quilt and Stitchery labels pattern I picked up on eBay a while ago.

It’s stitched on some of the same silk dupion I used for part of the front of the hanging in a mixture of hand-dyed cotton perle (for ‘handmade by’), stranded Gloriana silk (for ‘Alex 2011’) medium weight hand-dyed silk for the border and coton a broder for the seashell.

I think the original design had a heart at the bottom but I wanted to continue the sea theme that plays such a big part in our holidays to Cornwall and the memories stitched into the blocks on the front so I decided to replace it with a stumpwork scallop shell.

It’s padded with dark pink felt (I started it at a rehearsal and that was all I had in my bag!) and then I backstitched radiating lines along it to keep it in place and also as guidelines for where I wanted to put the ribs of the scallop later.

In between the ribs I worked rows of Corded Brussels Stitch to cover the felt.  the little ‘wings’ at the bottom are buttonhole stitch fans.

The ribs were then whipped with a slightly darker coloured stranded cotton. to make them stand out.  Keeping them straight when all the stitching is raised and textured was difficult!

Finally, french knots in some of my favourite yellow medium weight silk. The original design had just one at each ‘stalk’ end but that looked a bit sparse so I went for trios with the gold and blue scheme echoing the colours on the front.

Ready to be mitred and stitched onto the back of the hanging.


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