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And one finish.  I finally got round to making up my angelina and goldwork flower into a card.

Angelina goldwork card

I’ve also been finishing off a felt flower piece made with flowers cut from the left over felt I made for ‘Guards! Guards!’ last year…

Last felted flowers 1

…and some odd fused fabric leaves I made so long ago I can’t remember what I used them for…

Last felted flowers 2

…and making progress with the Elizabethan scissors case I started in an Embroiderers’ Guild workshop with Brenda Scarman several months ago.

At the end of the workshop I’d got as far as this:

Scissors case 1

Detached buttonhole stitch petals and chain stitch stems.

I finished the stems and as per the instructions, added trios of fly stitch between the petals and long straight stitches to define the petals. The french knots in the centre would be joined later by beads.

Scissors case 2

Beads added, the chain whipped with gold thread and buttonhole stitch in the same thread round the edge of the petals.

Scissors case 3

Scissors case 4

Then the spangles, which I attached with a central seed bead. I think they’re too densely packed but I don’t dislike the effect enough to unpick them all. I intend to make the seeding less dense by using just beads round the edge and making them more widely spaced.

Scissors case 5

Just the beading to finish before I can make it up.


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The angelina flower has been proving a bit of a problem. I outlined it with whipped back stitch in a purple/green metallic thread…
Angelina flower finish 1

…and then wanted to do something in the middle. I initially thought a random patch of beading or possibly chipwork and since the beads were easier to get to than the goldwork stuff, I started with beads, stitched about thirty on and didn’t like it. The edge needed to be more clearly defined and the beads themselves gave too heavy an effect.

So I hunted out my goldwork threads and started to play with different layouts and ideas. When I found a piece of pearl purl and laid it in a curve around the edge of the central area, I knew this was what I wanted.

Angelina flower finish 2

I was going to simply cut the purl when I got to the middle and leave it as a straightforward spiral, but I saw the way the working end flicked across the spiral and felt it was a neater and more unusual way of finishing.

Angelina flower finish 3

It’s been a real slow process thinking my way through this very small project but I’ve been able to do something different and even better, when I was going through my gold work threads I found a selection in copper which I’d forgotten I had (oh the shame…) and which I’ve put on one side for possible inclusion in the rusting  quilt.

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I was delighted to be the winner of Penny’s Valentine’s Day giveaway for one of her wonderful art dolls and a couple of days ago Valentine arrived, beautifully wrapped and snug in his box.

He’s taken up residence on the top shelf of my reference bookcase which sits next to the computer and holds all my most used reference books, ceramics and other treasured items, where he can keep an eye on the comings and goings of the household.


He’s a joy. Thanks so much once again, Penny.

I’ve been working on one or two things that aren’t coming together quite as I envisaged so it’s been slow progress as I feel my way through. The first is another one of the fused angelina shapes that I ironed over a rubber stamp. It started off like this:

Angelina flower 1

I added back stitch around the edge in very fine dark purple silk thread…

Angelina flower 2

…and then whipped the back stitch with a metallic purple and green thread.

Angelina flower 3

I’m going to fill the middle with beads or possibly something like gold chip work.

Then there’s the next rusting block. I’d got as far as this, with eyelets in a variegated cotton thread and french knots in stranded silk:

Eyelets block 1 

And then I’d stopped, which usually means that my sub-conscious knows it isn’t right somehow. When I picked it up again, I decided to put in all the eyelets first…

Eyelets block 2

…and at that point realised that what I wasn’t happy about was the way the eyelets and french knots obscured each other. Far too messy. The small patches of french knots were removed and it’s definitely better.

Eyelets block 3

As with the angelina flower, I’m not 100% satisfied, but it’s getting there.

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The deadline is still looming so yes, I know this is displacement activity. But it was quite quick. And fun to do. And while I was doing it, my subconscious was working on the deadline activity.


This is a piece I made a while ago, experimenting with an idea I’d seen on someone’s blog ( back to the what is copying? question again…) of laying Angelina fibres over a rubber stamp, covering it all with greaseproof paper and ironing it.

I wanted to add to the glitz of the iridescent image so I stitched it onto black satin by adding toning beads…

…and enhanced the ridges of the shell with straight stitches in gold thread.

Fabulous peacocky colours.

And a quick finish. Guess I really ought to be getting on with that deadline piece now…

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I just wanted to play this week, to do something quick and with a bit of instant gratification and I found the perfect answer in an idea I once saw on a blog, but whose and where, I can’t remember. The idea was to make motifs by ironing angelina onto a large foam rubber stamp. I had some angelina that had been sitting in a drawer for a very long time and I’d just been ironing. Perfect!

I placed a foam rubber stamp face up on the ironing board, put a handful of angelina over it, greaseproof paper on top and pressed it for a few seconds with the iron on the silk setting.

The one on the right was my first attempt and as you can see, I left the iron on too long.  The colours are still pretty, but not as peacocky as the one on the left.

This was the image on the other side of the stamp. I think the angelina was called Ultraviolet – it really is a gorgeous colour, both before and after heat.

And this is using the other colour I had – Blaze, I think. Lovely in the packet, but not as successful at showing the image.

Then I used a medieval tile patterned stamp. Love the way this has turned out.

The same stamp in Blaze didn’t work the same at all. The Blaze changes colour much more subtly than the Ultraviolet and so the stamp shapes don’t show up as well. Neither did the 8-pointed star…

…so I gave up and used the last of the Ultraviolet to do a flower.

I really like the way these have turned out, even the Blaze ones. Looking forward to (at some point!) enhancing them with stitch and loads of sparkly beads. They would make marvellous cards.

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